Oh, Deer

In addition to being a 4th grade teacher, semi-professional Candy Crusher, and recreational procrastinator, I am also the academic team coach for my building. 

Which is hysterical that I’m in charge of anything competitive because unless I’m watching basketball or playing cards, I am the least competitive person there is. Seriously. 

Since the hallowed title of academic coach was unexpectedly assigned graciously bestowed 4 years ago, I find myself once a week working with two of Lexington‘s finest and a classroom full of children ranging from second through fifth grade. Shout out to Officer Dawn and Lieutenant Bastin and the whole Lexington Police Activities League because they not only supply extra coaches but have provided staples such as paper, pencils, snacks, super cute academic team shirts, and even provided transportation for students who needed a lift to the competition.  And every week  brings back memories of when I was a 4th grader practicing on my elementary school's academic team.  Shout out to Mr. Lockett and Mr. Lynn for coaching the Jennie Rogers Elementary School Cougars-I now truly understand how amazing y'all were and am indebted for your time and patience.

For our final practice of 2017, I went with a holiday themed trivia question set. After asking the first question, and seeing the subsequent responses, I knew I was on Santa's nice list.  And because it's better to give than receive, I will share these gems with you.  Pity I couldn’t find a bright, shiny bow to match. 

Question:  Name Santa's 9 reindeer.  

We've got Rudolph, Dasher, Prancer, and Comet.  However, I was unaware of Viser and Jasper.  Maybe they are understudies? 

Dasher?  Check.  Prancer?  Check.  Rootoff?  Check.  Snowflake?  Check.  
(And I have hammered home I do not want to see a blank answer board ever.  I would rather them write, "I Don't Know" than to leave it blank.  Needless to say, I was proud they owned the fact they couldn't think of anymore after Snowflake.)

So proud they got 9 names!  Who says Santa doesn't have reindeer with these names?  

Question: What were the 3 gifts the wise men brought Jesus?

Because every infant needs gold, crown, and a cane.  #SharpDressedMan

I've read the birth of Jesus many times, but for the life of me can't find where in the Scriptures it says Jesus was gifted with 2 purple mirrors, fan, and lipstick.  

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season, break, and blessed 2018!


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