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A Thug's Life

In case you missed it, last week Kentucky governor Matt Bevin said that some teachers have a “thug mentality” (  ) .  I'm now on spring break, so I thought I'd take a minute and share with Governor Bevin how to live a thug life, as he will clearly need something to do after he loses his re-election race next year.   Dear Governor Bevin,  Thanks so much for all the kindness you've shown me over the last little bit.  Because you're so good to me, I thought I would share with you what a thug’s life looks like in great detail.   Here, in no specific order, are some time tested ways to make sure your thug life reaches its full potential.   Class is in session-prepare to be schooled. Hit up your local grocery store in order to procure thug life essentials such as cereal or crackers.  That way, when your elementary age student shows up late enough they miss school breakfast but i

The REAL Cinderella Story of March

S ince the NCAA College Basketball Tournament is winding down, so ends the phrase, "This year's Cinderella story ...“ until March 2019. P erhaps you were unaware, but I , too, have a fairy godmother, just like that timeless maiden Cinderella ,.   But my fairy godmother is way better than Cindy’s. R easons? Here's one: she visits me once a year, not once a lifetime. I nstead of visiting me while weeping inconsolably in a torn dress, she visits me as I'm sitting shell-shocked upon observing the floor after all the kids have left.  (And if I'm being honest, trying not to weep inconsolably upon realizing that despite the fact I watched every single one of them put their report cards in their backpacks, zip them shut and not open their backpacks there is always at least one report card that was left in the room.  I'm convinced some of my students have a side hustle teaching graduate level courses in sleight of hand.) N o ambiguity from her, she