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Cleaning Up My Act

Because today was the first day in forever (seriously, we've had 6 days in the past 4 weeks that didn't involve precipitation), I completed a much dreaded chore: cleaning out my car. Before I share with you the hidden treasures found in it you need to understand I drive a two door car. 2 bucket seats up front, 2 bucket seats in back for a grand total of 4 seats instead of the customary 5. Afterward I had the following to show for it: A dozen puzzle pieces Legos Markers The door to the Batcave that I'd been looking for since March And (drum roll please) 4 pairs of shoes. Cute shoes, people.  Jackpot. On a more serious note, you may be aware that the flood waters from a storm crippled an eastern Kentucky county in particular on Tuesday.  3 people were killed (last I heard) and many more either lost their home or were displaced due to the effects of the floods.     The great things about Kentuckians is we are generous.  We have no problem contributing to relief funds, so if yo

Summer School For Teachers: Words With Multiple Meanings

Feel free to use this anecdote when you teach words with multiple meanings. The following is completely true. And happened to me this evening. Miss Foster arrived late to a supper engagement to find her best friend already had a table and ordered drinks.  As she is a product of the South, the need to over-explain everything is drilled into her DNA.  So the apology begins: "I'm so sorry I'm running late.  I was at the party and lost track of time.  One of my favorite subs lives two doors down from the party, so we went by and said hi to her as well.  Between those two things I'm a little behind schedule." Miss Foster's best friend suddenly snickers, then doubles over in laughter and states, "Yeah, when you said 'sub' I first thought you were talking about a sandwich, not a person. You can tell I'm not in education."

Summer School for Teachers, Module 2

To help us stay on our A game, I'm offering refresher courses on essential skills. Today, we will practice our inferencing skills: Miss Foster is a die hard University of Kentucky Wildcats fan, much to the dismay of her 76 year old, University of Tennessee Volunteers supporting father.   After a brief excursion to a flea market her father presented her with this snazzy dining set: (No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  The Vols fan purchased dining ware that reads "Future Wildcat Fan".) As she is 34, unmarried, and childless (and very happy like that thankyouverymuch), exactly what message is her father trying to send? 

Prayers For Your School: A Prayer for Your Colleagues

Like many teachers I know, I love Jesus. Though you wouldn't always think it-depending on the day I may not smile in the hallway, might not be the perkiest participant in whatever meeting I'm attending.  I cry and cuss on occasion (though not in front of kids).  I go home at night wishing I had been more Christ-like to all with whom I interacted.  I know people who both know me and read this post will no doubt be able to list many other of my shortcomings. So it is with a humble heart I'm sharing Bible verses to pray for your school.  These are verses that for whatever reason encourage me in my faith walk.  I hope they do the same for you as well. Please join me in praying the following verse for the adults in our various buildings as we begin a new school year:   May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us;      establish the work of our hands for us-   yes, establish the work of our hands.                                    Psalm 90:17 I'm praying that the Lord favor