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Observation(al) Humor

Because having report cards go home, a full moon, excitement over the upcoming spring break and two days of snow and temps that unseasonably cold wasn't enough, I got observed today for the last time this school year. As I pulled out of the garage and saw the full moon shining, I was rest assured of three things: death, taxes, and certainty we would be squirrely.  (Anyone else feel like they can write a novel on the shenanigans that happen those unfortunate days we work and there's a full moon?) On a good day, I don't like being observed.  It has nothing to do with my principal, I just don't like it.  Period.  You know those people who have testing anxiety?  I have observational anxiety. For your entertainment, let me give you a rundown of how my day went: 2:00 a.m.  It's pitch black and I awaken from a nightmare.  About the observation today.  One that involved my room being invaded by a SWAT team carrying body shields and wearing camo on their faces.  (I think I m

Letter-Sound mashUP

(First, did you notice how I mashed up the font on the title?  Just wanted to point out that bit of genius.) Riddle For You: What to you get when you cross and J and an H? Answer: A "JayCh".   Don't believe me?  Ask the etymologist in my classroom.  He'll tell you.  But probably  because he invented it today.  I can't wait to see what it looks like.

What I'm Reading: Intervention Edition

So I got an iPad mini for Christmas. Because the weeks that followed suit were kinda...busy.  And sickly.  And time consuming.  So I'm just now getting around to really learning how it works and the fabulous apps that must be on your iPad or you will be that girl in 2010 who didn't have a smartphone.  (Speaking from experience here...maybe.) I have just recently begun to download books and essays from Amazon.  As intervention is something I continue to figure out how to best plan for and utilize in my classroom, I realized I needed more resources. Enter:   I'm currently reading this book and I love it.  The format is easy to use and follow and you can flip back and forth.  If you're looking for a book that will give you not only the instructional strategy but background knowledge on why it's useful (it's easy to share with parents) and sample lessons, this book is for you. I am now wishing they will develop one for math.  Fingers crossed! On deck: I'm readin