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Foodie Friday: Pattern Jewelry

So I'm trying to be a little bit more on time with my food posts.  Now that I can talk, breathe without coughing, and sleep through the night, it just might get done. So this past Friday we learned about patterns via edible jewelry. You will need: The large, pull apart Twizzlers. Small food that can be strung: I chose Lifesaver Gummies and Fruit Loops. Napkins Patience An extra pair of hands (or two). When we did our kindergarten screenings, one area that showed growth needed was patterns.  The kids could identify the pattern (an AB pattern) but couldn't extend it. Hence the object of our lesson. We started by identifying AB patterns on the Smartboard.  Then they used unifix cubes to show AB patterns.  After observing we could make and extend the AB patterns, each child was given a napkin and the food was placed in the center of the table.  They had to create at least an AB pattern using whatever they pleased.  But they had to create it on the napkin before they could string it

How To Make A Teacher Smile

Am I the only one finding it hard to believe today is Wednesday? Case in point.  When I got up this morning this is what my calendar read: So technically it's been Tuesday all day according to one source. However, my body preferred to disagree as it is so exhausted it must be Thursday. Then you have the big calendar at work the children and I learn from every day.  That one said today was Wednesday, but as you can see, I had two conflicting opinions. The good thing about the district for whom I work is they understand the whole "gradual release of responsibility" model.  For instance, we started the school year with children on a Wednesday (the 15th to be precise).  Then last week we spent four days in our classrooms and Friday was a professional day.  (We got to go hear this man speak and it was incredible.  If you ever get the chance to hear him read so much as a breakfast menu, go.  It is so worth it.)  So this is the first five day week we've had with children.

Foodie Friday: Wheels on the Bus

So I dropped the ball with my post last week about what the edible treat we made last week.  It just didn't get done.   (In my defense, I had two days of district meetings, Back to School night, three days of teaching-in a new grade nonetheless-and laryngitis from an allergy to something in my school building.  Cut a girl some slack, please!) I've made it a goal this year to try and let them make something to eat every Friday.  Because 1) it's a great real life example of non-fiction reading, how to follow directions, etc. 2) by Friday we're spent and need something to anticipate and 3) it's fun.  Our K team at my school adopted a "Wheels on the Bus" theme to kick off the year.  Complete with adorable school bus displays to welcome our kids:   Big shout out to DJ who made the bus for me.  And got the cardstock buses.  She's retiring this year.  Can you see why I'm going to miss her- greatly?!   So in the interest of keeping with the theme here'


School started for us last week. So each day I do a multitude of routine tasks.  One of which is a 40 mile commute to my job and 40 miles home. Like most of the country, thanks to the high temperatures and lack of rain over the past three months, we're in a moderate drought state.  Even though we're still in the drought, over the last few days something miraculous happened: it rained.  Good, steady rain that soaks into the ground.  But today I noticed something.  The fields no longer looked like this: Instead, they looked like this: And I couldn't help but think about how like the rainfall, our words have power.   Our words can deplete others, making our homes, classrooms and families dry up.  Like the thirsty land, they have a hard time making any growth.  And we stand to the side, shake our heads and wonder when it will change. But what a difference words can make.  Like the rain that replenishes, our words can help nourish and make those around us not only live, but thri

Foodie Friday: Riddle

What do you get when you cross: and with  ? Come back tomorrow and find out! (Okay, so I planned posting the entire thing today but school started Wednesday and tired is just the beginning of how I feel.  But I assure you it's cute.  And fun.  You'll see.) 


I don't know about the rest of y'all, but the beginning of school may be most stressful few days of my year.  Every year. And I've spent the last few days seriously stressed because of that. I want everyone to feel welcome, to feel appreciated, and (most importantly) arrive home safely. A few days ago, I saw this on Pinterest: and I cannot help but hearken back to it in the moments of anxiety. You see, it reminds me of my grandmother and my aunt. My granny, who will turn 91 this November, is not in the best of health.  She fell and broke her hip a few years ago which left her unable to walk. Given that she was already experiencing dementia, this was just another blow.  So after this fall, she was/is bedridden.  It wasn't long before she was unable to talk.  My aunt (who also has a bit of age on her) now cares for her.  This includes feeding her via a feeding tube several times daily, changing her diapers, and turning her often so she doesn't acquire bed sores.  And

You Know Summer's ALMOST Over When...

You've begun thinking about it. You've had a nightmare about: uncontrollable kids.  Being late to work.  Not being prepared.  Dreadful scenarios (most of which you wouldn't cross your mind when you're awake)  play out in your slumber. You ask your friends to address you as "Mr./Ms." instead of your first name.  You've visited your beautifully clean and waxed classroom.  You admire the way it sparkles for 90 seconds then realize you've got to do something with all those boxes. You forget your PIN required to let yourself in your school.  After three unsuccessful tries, you admit defeat and call the custodian.  (Is it any wonder I like to be on good terms with our custodians?) When shopping you snatch every cute/pretty/somewhat functional basket at Walmart, Dollar Tree and Target.  Because you just know if you don't purchase it then, when you come back for it, it'll be gone.  It doesn't matter if it's a matter of days, hours, or minute-so

I'm Back!

After an excrutiating 12 days (yes, you read that correctly) I am happy to report the phone and internet are working. I can't wait to share my thoughts.  See ya soon! :)