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For My Granny

A year ago today, on a hot, humid mountain day, we laid to rest my maternal grandmother. I've thought a lot about her and that day today. Last summer I missed the first day of Kentucky Reading Project due to her burial.  KRP required me to write a final paper at the end of class.  To honor my grandmother, I'd like to share the introduction and conclusion from that paper. For me, Kentucky Reading Project started long before June 12, 2013. It began in a small Harlan County, Kentucky hospital room on September 7.   It was there my parents welcomed me and had plans that included a life that would be different than their own. They were supported in this endeavor by their surrounding family.   From an early age, I was sang to, talked to, and, most importantly, read to.   Though both my parents had only a high school education, though my grandmother across the road had only an eighth grade education, they knew the importance of words.   Thus, they made sure to enrich my life with wo