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Dear Josh Hopkins

Dear Josh Hopkins, Hope this letter finds you well.  Just a quick letter to apologize. And ask a favor.  A teeny favor.  Eensy weensy favor.  One that won't disrupt your every day life.  But first, the apology. I sincerely apologize for lying when I told a six year old boy you are my husband.  But in the interest of being fair, I really didn't listen when he came up and started talking.  All I knew was he wasn't bleeding, violated or tattling and was excitedly asking something.  And holding this photo: (Okay, so I might have thought he was asking to put the pic on my desk, which is as close as my 1st grade class gets to touching my desk.  And touching my desk is like eating from the forbidden tree in the garden of Eden.) So this little mix up stems from an absent minded "yes".  I was helping a different kid with their work which is why I was preoccupied.  And in the child's defense, we do look kinda chummy.  And then I got so tickled at the absurdity of it all