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Sunday Scripture: Luke 12:15


Sunday Scripture: Psalm 150: 6


Sunday Scripture: Psalm 113:3


Diving Deeply

Like everyone else in the world, I have been fascinated by the Wild Boar Soccer Team rescue.  (My friend M and I have been so caught up in it I told her we were going to have to get together in order to process everything-we've been so glued to the story.) Now that the team and the coach have been successfully removed, we are learning more about the courageous men who made the extraction possible.  One of the most attention commanding stories are the 3 Thai SEALS and Australian anesthesiologist who chose to remain in the cave in order to ensure the boys would make it home safely. The sacrifices made by those four, and Saman Gunan (the 38 year old retired Thai SEAL who perished while delivering air tanks to the trapped team) , pretty much defy logic.  Who does that?  Who gives up their own comfort, safety, well-being, to go rescue people they've never met?  Who hugs their loved ones and says, "I love you, but I also know there is a need that I can provide, and though i