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Dear Students: Why We're Out 4/13/18

April 11, 2018 Dear Students, It was announced t o day that we will cancel instruction in two days.   As this is pre-arranged with no inclement weather in sight, many of you are inquiring as to why there is no school.   It’s a long, sad story involving mishandled money.   And the story begins long before you ever drew your first breath.   And there is a deadline. Even though we won’t be in class on Friday, please understand you will still be learning.   There are things called “experiential learning”, which is a very fancy way of saying you learn something by simply living through it and watching.   So even though you will not be with me on Friday, here are some lessons you’ll learn due to canceled school: • The Power of Democracy   When we were out that one Friday due to Sewer Sickness (and let me tell you that virus was running RAMPANT all over the state of Kentucky), some people went to Frankfort to share their thoughts via rally at the Capitol.   When we demons