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Unless you work at The WB (what I affectionately call my school because it rolls off your tongue more smoothly than The WWB), you were probably unaware that I went from the classroom to an intervention teacher.

And because it's BOY Time (that's Beginning of Year Time, not romance) myself and others have been assessing.  Which means my professional life at the moment is simply one endless DRA.

I like routine as much as the next person, but after administering this test to about 30 kids, the texts get monotonous.  I'm fairly certain if you asked me to quote a Level A-C DRA book, I can recite it verbatim while standing on my head eating peanut butter.

So last week I'm beginning the assessment like normal when I realize I've lost my pen.  Knowing the test is useless unless I have a writing instrument, I offhand-idly remarked to the 1st grader in front of me, "Hang on a sec-I've lost my mind."


The kid I was assessing loves to help.  Which was proba…