Puppy Love


Today was such a long day that my body keeps going, "You got this, girl, it's Wednesday already!"

Then my brain cross checks that statement and reminds me, "Nope.  Four more.  With new bulletin board displays due this week.  And ESS.  And faculty.  And Academic team.  And reception.  And various meetings during your planning.  You got this girl, in another four days."

So I have but one story that truly brings a smile to my heart.

Precious and I have had better days.  Today he got mad and started pitching a fit, which made me politely remind him mom is a call away.  He stomped.  And pouted.  And put exiled himself to a time out (at least he knows his limit). 

But all of this was (almost) forgotten at the end of the day.  We are packing up, it's a dreary Monday (we're under a travel advisory until 9 a.m. tomorrow) and out of nowhere Precious turns around.

"Miss Foster?"

"Yes, hon?"

"Wanna come over my house today and play basketball?  My dog finally had her puppies so she can play with us."

"Some other time, sweet friend.  Some other time."

Hoping you and your sweet friends have a wonderful week!


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