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You Know It's Been A Good Day At Recess When...

10:45-11:45 is pretty much a blur every single day. We have recess (thank you God it's been nice and we've only had one rainy day), followed by bathroom break, followed by wellness walk, followed by lunch. With all this motion, sometimes things fall by the wayside.  Friday is a case in point: We're walking back into the room after recess (keep in mind it's been 45 minutes since coming indoors).  Precious looks at me and says, "Ms. Foster?" "Yes, dumpling?" "I have mulch in my underwear.  Can I go to the bathroom to get it out?"

On "Pulling Groups"

For your entertainment, a conversation in my classroom today. Verbatim. I can't make this up. "So kids, remember today we will begin pulling kids for math groups.  You will work on your centers but when Mrs. Precious and I need you, we will pull you out to work with us.  Any questions?" One of my smartest kids raises her hand and I'm immediately wary.  If she doesn't understand what we're doing, I'm in trouble. "Ms. Foster, when you said you and Mrs. Precious will be pulling groups, will you be pulling us by the arm or by the back of our shirt?" Truth is funnier than fiction. *I feel like I should also put out a disclaimer that we don't put our hands on the kids.  We may give them a high five, but that's as touchy as we get.  Which made it even harder for Mrs. Precious and myself to keep from laughing.  You just never know how kids will interpret what you say!*

Your Thoughts, Please!

Hi Bloggie Friends! I would like to ask your opinion on a school program.  My school is looking to implement a model program.  We are looking at four (but I can only remember three).  They are: Kagan Leader in Me IB We're all on teams and each is expected to read an article and report the pros and cons with their team.  I've seen one Kagan product and I like it, but there's so much Leader in Me things on Pinterest it looks beneficial, too.  So here's my question : does your school use one of those programs?  Do your recommend it? Many thanks and have a great weekend! -Robin

This is a Kentucky Mess

If you have read this blog for more than 60 seconds (and given the fact I only have a few entries, you could read the entire thing in 5 minutes) you've probably caught on to the fact if there is something humorous from my day, I will happily share it with you. You're welcome. There are days that I leave my classroom with a sense of purpose, feeling contented in the fact I feel called and blessed to be a school teacher. Then there's days when I leave feeling seriously unqualified to teach anyone anything. Today was one of those days. Before I get to what will make you smile, it's important you know a couple of things: I am one of those hated "morning people".  I awake and skip to my car, shun coffee and may go a little heavy on the accelerator not because I am late to work,  because I can't wait to get to work.  (Okay, one of those is a lie-I'm on a first name basis with the Starbucks baristas on Boston Road.)  Morning is when I am my most productive (i


I don't know about your class, but mine knows just enough to be dangerous. Case in point: Today I had a child who wasn't with us at recess because he was with another teacher.  As I am a good (benevolent, caring, whatever sweet adjective you'd like to use) teacher,  when we got back from specials I let the child have some play time after we returned from specials. This little boy loves all things with wheels and had been wanting to play with the new tractors I'd bought.  Again, for best practice (because I'm awesome, inspiring, genius- thank you for all these kind words.  I'm not worthy) I picked three friends to play with him. Because when we hear the magic words (among them are "snack", "lunch", "bathroom") I have taken to spelling certain words.  Today, I looked at my assistant and said, "Don't let me forget, I owe Precious some R-E-C-E-S-S". One priceless little girl's face lit up and she said brightly, "I

You Might Be a Teacher If...

When you email your choice for Students of the Month to the office, you cc yourself. Because you know in a month, you'll never remember whom you picked. Note: Please hang with me...I've got two Foodie posts I'm dying to share with you.  This beginning of the year has kicked me. Hard.