Favorite Scripture Friday: Revelation 21:5

In two days, the entire world will be celebrating the birth of a new year. 

And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Revelation 21:5 


3 letters, 2 sounds, 1 word. 

But new often brings out multiple emotions.

New can help us experience happiness.  Think about it-how does buying clothes, car, phone, or tablet result in anything less than simple giddiness?

New can also help us experience sadness.   In my family, new can foster sadness, particularly in the case of a death.  A few years ago my cousin who lived with my grandmother and aunt was killed in a car wreck.  We were all devastated, but we came together and grieved prior to the funeral service.  However, later that day my family returned home 3 hours away, leaving my grandmother and aunt alone.  They were sitting around the house, still deeply hurting when there was a knock at the door.  Two neighbors (a mother and daughter) who had also experienced the loss of a daughter from a car wreck years earlier were on the other side.  They asked if they could come and keep my granny and aunt company for a while.  As all four women set down, one of the neighbors remarked, "We wanted to come down and sit with you.  We remember the hardest part was after all the mourners left and we had to be by ourselves.  We had to adjust to a new routine, and that new routine was painful."  As this anecdote shows, new can also help us develop compassion.

New can also be overwhelming.  Studies have shown that our brains can only take in so much new information before hitting autopilot.  Think about how many people start college but do not finish it-freshmen students are always the largest group who does this. 

New is sometimes frustrating:  This year my building is piloting both a brand new reading series as well as math.  I'm teaching a grade I haven't taught in almost 10 years, as well as having different learning standards from the last time I taught 4th.  A was it mentioned I'm in a new-to-me classroom this year?  So much new it's about to make my head explode. 

New is exciting: think of how hyped you get when you see get to hear new music from your favorite entertainers.  Think of the anticipation of new movies or new books from your favorite author.  And lest we forget, how sick we get from watching the same old television show-we want to see something new!

However, we can hang our hope on the word I.  Since we know God is speaking and he is the one in charge of making all things new, we can put our trust in Him that no matter emotions we feel He will be right there beside us.  So here's hoping your 2018 is so full of blessings and abundance that people cannot look at you without seeing how gracious and mighty He is. 

And may we, in return, glorify Him with a new song!

Happy New Year! 2018, here we come!


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