Walk Up Music Wednesday, Vol. 7

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So after leaving work a half day on Thursday and being out on Friday, I was not 100% but knew if I didn't get back in my classroom there would be no telling what I'd find upon my return.  I fully expected to be out of classroom staples such as pencils, paper, and cooperative children.  What I didn't anticipate was that the week would be the longest, most arduous week I can remember in a long time.

(Seriously.  The last time I remember being that overwhelmed and exhausted was the week one of my dear friends got married and I was in the wedding, followed by my father being involved in a car accident and subsequently suffering his first stroke.  The easy part was actually getting him to the hospital-the hard part was carrying on with normal life, which included a graduate level Shakespeare course, and trying to make sure my father followed his doctor's orders.  Don't know if you've ever had to try and care for a man who's called you bossy ever since you could speak, but I can tell you he  considered any attempts at care giving as me trying to boss him around and told me in no uncertain terms that he did not need my help, despite evidence otherwise.  And then trying to diagram Shakespeare's King Lear may be easy for some people, but I'm a woman who has to make a concentrated effort to not clap on beats 1 and 3 in any song, so dividing those lines was torture.) 

Good news is, music truly does offer me an outlet to help mentally prepare for the day and these songs were a welcome part of the morning.

Monday-"Back in the Saddle" by Aerosmith.  Not a ton of explanation needed here-I'd been away for a few days and was climbing back on the proverbial horse.

Tuesday-"I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty.  I could seriously listen to this every morning and not get tired of it.  And this was so apropos given something that happened the evening before.  (Yes, you will hear about it.  Eventually.)

Wednesday-"I'm No Stranger to the Rain" by Keith Whitley.  I'd seen a fair share of rain that week, both literally and figuratively.  Plus, Keith Whitley was a fellow Kentuckian who had an unmistakable voice and was unfortunately gone too soon.  Rest in peace, sir.  And thank you for the amazing music. #KentuckyProud

Thursday-"Hotel California" by the Eagles.  As I alluded earlier, this week was the week that would not end.  So that lyric about "you can checkout any time you want, but you can't never leave" resonated with me more than I care to admit.  Plus, as I was walking to my classroom one of our custodians heard it coming from my phone and was like, "That is a great song" and went around whistling it.  You gotta love it.

Friday-"Soldier" by Destiny's Child.  Saturday was Veteran's Day-what more needs to be said?  Oh yeah-how 'bout, "Thank you!!!" to our servicemen and women and their families.  Their sacrifices and selflessness is beyond words and we are immeasurably indebted to them.

Hope you have a great rest of the week.  Congrats-it's Wednesday!  We just might make it after all!


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