Walk Up Music Wednesday, Vol. 3

Welcome to another edition of Walk Up Music Wednesday!

(Wondering exactly what that is?  Start here.)

When we last met, Fall Break was upon me and I had 4 entire days to partake in lunch specials that end before I leave school, not yell, "Why won't you work?!" to an errant copy machine, and go to the bathroom whenever I felt like it.  You probably already know this, but few sensations are as exhilarating as being able to put down a task, visit the bathroom knowing you will not have to wonder if someone's already in there, and grab something to sip on before you head back.  Plus, you don't have to wonder how many kids will be doing what they're supposed to upon your return.  Teaching is the only profession I know that should you change your location for 3 minutes (even having multiple adults supervise in your leave) it completely changes the atmosphere of not just your room, but other classrooms as well.  It's basically the butterfly effect only in an educational ecosystem.

So here to get you back into the swing of things...

Monday-"Glorious"-Macklemore  (Since I was feeling that good there is only one obvious choice for the Monday following break.  Especially when you pair the first few lyrics to the returning back to school well rested situation.)

Tuesday-"Cups"-Anna Kendrick  (This was the day my grade had a teacher in service day so I was in the building but not in the room.  Pretty sure nothing makes you more appreciated by your students then when you're out-even if they have an amazing sub like mine.  When Anna starts singing, "You're gonna miss me by my walk, you're gonna miss me by my talk, you're sure going to miss me when I'm gone" all you can do is smile.)

Wednesday-"On My Own"-Les Miserables  (The other 4th grade teacher was ill and I so I was flying solo that day."

Thursday-"I Won't Back Down"-Tom Petty.  No particular reason-I just really like that song.

Friday-"Superstition"-Stevie Wonder.  (It was Friday the 13th.  Can you think of a more apropos song?)         


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