Can A Girl Get A Clue?

If you will allow me to indulge in memories of when I was as an elementary student, I can tell you that one of the more life changing experiences occurred in the 5th grade.
One of the most exciting experiences occurred when Mrs. Hagley passed around the most recent Scholastic Book Club circulars.  I eagerly anticipated (and relished) browsing the summaries of  various books.  One November I ordered a small book of poems titled, It’s Christmas by Jack Prelutsky. As I was an avid reader/student, I read each of the silly and endearing poems repeatedly until I practically had them memorized. 
So during that last week before winter break, the 5th grade was given a task to work with the younger grades by reading a book aloud to a primary classroom.  Mrs. Hagley assigned me to read to a kindergarten class and I was given the choice of Mrs. Hagley selecting a book for me or bringing my own.  I was so excited I could hardly stand it-I was getting a chance to show Mrs. Atkins and Mrs.  Padgett that the little girl they knew 5 years earlier who had no clue what a letter or the letter sound was, had totally mastered the English language.  Plus, this meant gettng to get to read my new book in PUBLIC.  #bigdeal
So I went to my former kindergarten teacher (Mrs. Atkins)s class, with my book in hand.  I read it with expression an did my best to keep the younger children involved and made sure to show the pictures.  I knew I had fun time reading to them and didn’t think anymore about it until the next day when our librarian came in to inquire about something and I was standing next to her.  She and Mrs. Hagley began talking about the readers and I accidentally blurted out, “I got to read to Mrs. Atkins’ class!”. 
Immediately I wished I had not done that-there were strict rules about talking and that rule had just been broken.  And then our librarian turned to me, smiled broadly and replied, “I know!  I heard you did a REALLY nice job.”  That comment was brief but it helped me by affirming something I’d already learned-reading is fun.  My love of books was part of the reason I became a teacher-I wanted others to love reading as much as I do.
So since my students know that story, whenever they find a book they just LOVE they come and tell me all about it and it brings happiness to my heart to this day. So imagine my reaction when a little boy (Precious) came in and made a beeline for me and started telling all about this new book he’d discovered. 
“Ms. Foster!! I just started the coolest book!  It’s all about a teenage girl who solves mysteries!! Her name is Nancy Brew!!”
“Wow!  That sounds really interesting!” I replied.  “I’m going to have to go to the library and see if I can find a copy!  Now what did you say her name is again?”
“Nancy Brew!” 
So imagine my surprise when I tried to procure a copy of Nancy Brew with absolutely success. Simply, could not find one anywhere.   Since her surname is brew, you reckon I out to check liquor stores? ;)


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