It's only Wednesday, and the Internet continues to provide a plethora of news stories about the doctor who was physically removed from a United Airline plan after the airline overbooked a flight.  What makes this story even more scandalous is that people recorded law enforcement dragging him down the aisle, complete with a bloody face and glasses askew.

Many questions and speculations continue to be posed about the incident, but what sticks out in my mind after seeing the video is this:  If everyone was so aghast at the man's treatment, how come none of the other passengers volunteered to take his place so he could get home?

(And before I get to the actual point of this post, let me tell you I can think of several reasons why: they were in shock at what they were witnessing, they didn't believe what was happening was any of their business, they were traveling with young children and couldn't afford to take United up on their incentives, this flight was the last thing standing between them and their homes.  There's probably a dozen more reasons to go along with these.)

But after seeing the video (and hearing that horrendous scream) several times, the thought dawned on me:  This is precisely what God did for us. He sent his son to live but more importantly, he sent his son to die for us.

When Jesus was nailed to the cross so many years ago, he volunteered to take my place.  He didn't want to see me (or any other, for that matter) miss our chance to go home.  Only instead of being forcibly removed from the flight, Jesus volunteered.  This action tells us that he valued you and I more than his own comfort, his own divine right, and more than his reputation.  He suffered so I didn't have to.

This weekend will be filled with activity.  Kids hunting Easter Eggs, Easter dinners, and Easter cantatas.  But please don't forget this Sunday will honor the One who was and is the Messiah.  Don't forget that He too bled for we could could make it home.  Don't forget that because of that great sacrifice, we can spend eternity with the One who loved us and created us.  We can spend eternity with Him.  United.



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