Rocky Road

For a non-living object, the Bible sure talks a lot about rocks.

There's the small, smooth stones with which David armed himself in the battle against Goliath.

There's the rock which Moses struck to produce water to quench the Israelites' thirst on their journey to the promised land.

Jesus knew how cumbersome stones can be.  He saved a woman from being stoned to death.

Jesus even referenced stones and their importance when he told the parable of the wise and foolish builders.  When he gave Simon a new name, he specifically chose the name Peter because it signified how Peter was the rock upon which Christ would build his church.  

And then there's my favorite stone-the one that the angel rolled away to confirm that Jesus Christ is indeed the son of God, that he had been resurrected!  If that stone had not been placed in front of the tomb, people could speculate that someone had merely come and taken away Jesus' body as a cruel, merciless hoax.  But since that stone was not only placed in front of a lifeless body, but sealed, with armed guards around it, that stone becomes even more crucial in relaying the truth of Christ.

I have the You Version Bible app on my tablet and often use their devotionals.  My most recent one is titled "Remembering All God Has Done" and it focuses on just what it says-remembering God's acts.

The first day asked me to read Joshua 4:1-24 and I read it and cannot get the central message of it. The story talks about when the Lord told Joshua to have one man from each of the 12 tribes remove a stone from the Jordan River.  However, these were not just regular stones-they came from the Jordan River the was completely dry as the Israelite priests crossed it.  The Lord flat out told Joshua that these stones would serve as a reminder that the Lord cared.  He cared enough to make sure they had safe passage out of freedom, from bondage to Pharaoh to freedom as God's chosen.  He made a miracle happen.  He didn't want them to forget this occasion so the Israelites had 12 rocks that when their children asked why the rocks were there, it was a way to share that God's undying love and devotion to his people.  The rocks were symbols of God's love, his provision, and his unwavering commitment.

The devotional part asked us to reflect on what God has done for us.  It made me stop and think, "What are the stones that help tell my story?"  What mementos do I have that remind me that God is there, that he cares and provides?

I will readily admit that it took some pondering to think about what those rocks would be.  Then I realized that this is a way I can honor the Lord.  What every day items (like a rock) help remind me that God is there?

How about you?  Are there any rocks in your life that help others understand God's grace in your life? I would love to hear them!  


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