Summer School For Teachers: Words With Multiple Meanings

Feel free to use this anecdote when you teach words with multiple meanings.

The following is completely true. And happened to me this evening.

Miss Foster arrived late to a supper engagement to find her best friend already had a table and ordered drinks.  As she is a product of the South, the need to over-explain everything is drilled into her DNA.  So the apology begins:

"I'm so sorry I'm running late.  I was at the party and lost track of time.  One of my favorite subs lives two doors down from the party, so we went by and said hi to her as well.  Between those two things I'm a little behind schedule."

Miss Foster's best friend suddenly snickers, then doubles over in laughter and states,

"Yeah, when you said 'sub' I first thought you were talking about a sandwich, not a person.

You can tell I'm not in education."


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