Cleaning Up My Act

Because today was the first day in forever (seriously, we've had 6 days in the past 4 weeks that didn't involve precipitation), I completed a much dreaded chore: cleaning out my car.

Before I share with you the hidden treasures found in it you need to understand I drive a two door car. 2 bucket seats up front, 2 bucket seats in back for a grand total of 4 seats instead of the customary 5.

Afterward I had the following to show for it:

  • A dozen puzzle pieces
  • Legos
  • Markers
  • The door to the Batcave that I'd been looking for since March
And (drum roll please)

  • 4 pairs of shoes.
Cute shoes, people.  Jackpot.

On a more serious note, you may be aware that the flood waters from a storm crippled an eastern Kentucky county in particular on Tuesday.  3 people were killed (last I heard) and many more either lost their home or were displaced due to the effects of the floods.    

The great things about Kentuckians is we are generous.  We have no problem contributing to relief funds, so if you need to know where to donate, you can make a contribution to the Red Cross or tune into WKYT at 6:30 for a telethon.  Thanks for helping us take care of our own.


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