Summer School for Teachers, Module 1

I live to serve.

(Okay, in the spirit of humility, I'll confess my younger sister might say I live to boss others around, but we'll go with serve.  This is my blog, after all.)

And we all know that effective teachers continue to grow professionally in the summer so I'm offering my own personal anecdotes to keep us sharp.

Get ready-we're going to hit the ground running.

Read the following passage and answer the questions completely and thoroughly.

Miss Foster has filled up her Mustang countless times over the past several weeks.  As she is approximately 5' tall (and distressed because according to the new Kentucky law that went into effect on Wednesday declares she is a mere 3" away from needing a booster seat) one may have difficulty spotting her amidst the various books, teacher bags and stuffed animals that are her present traveling companions.

Not only has she filled up her car multiple times, she has also filled up her parents' car five times, her sister's car twice, and her best friend's SUV once.

She has plans to meticulously label all treasures before storing them in some logical fashion.

How many people live in fear their vehicle willed be called upon to haul the next load?

a) One neighborhood
b) One city
c) One county
d) One commonwealth

What drives a woman to pack up all her professional accouterments over the past 10 years?

a) She wanted something fun to do
b) She wants to be on Antiques Roadshow and figures something valuable is in the stash
c) She's moving from a classroom to a cubicle
d) She is a glutton for punishment

How often does Miss Foster think of hiring a moving company to come in and box and move everything?

a) Never
b) Occasionally
c) Often
d) She can't get it out of her head

The big day has arrived-all belongings are at the house and ready to be removed from the shed and organized.  What's the weather look like?

a) Hot
b) Humid
c) Rainy
d) All of the above

I know the above exam was incredibly tiresome and tenuous, so next week's module will be a little less complex.

Please join me next week for Module 2.

Provided I'm able to crawl out from under my mountain range of stuff.


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