Young Love

If you celebrate a secular Christmas, then you’re acutely aware that Santa has a list.  And he’s checking it twice. 
Look out, Santa, my girls are coming at you. 

The last week of school,  I noticed some of my girls were passing around a notebook.  Of course I took it from them to see what was so important. 

It was this:

If you’re not fluent in 1st grade scribble, let me break it down for you:

1. It has to be cute 
2. And Bad 
3. And Sexy 
4. Hot

(I show the note to my friend Tabi who was, quite frankly, shocked.  “Robin!” she said, “Why did you have to go and find my list?”)

You gotta love these girls because they:

a) Made an excellent list.  It is titled, organized and concise.
b) Showed girls can do group work without drama.
c) Have totally got their priorities straight. 
d) All of the above.

And they say tax payer money is wasted on schools.    


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