Because I Like You

Since I'm trying not to be a supplies hoarder to be generous, I will share with you my treasures discovered.

Since the nearest IKEA is over 2 hours away from my house, I'm forced to look elsewhere.

Which can sometimes get me in trouble because I get sidetracked upon entering stores.  For example, last night I went to Lowe's for exactly one bucket of paint.  

Exhibit A: My shopping cart after running out for exactly 1 bucket of paint.  

I decided a month ago that the color scheme for my classroom would be Electric Pink and Lime (because that sounds way more sophisticated than pink and green).  

Imagine the squeals when I discovered the plastic containers.  They're slightly larger than shoe boxes and they totally match the Electric Pink theme.  I'm psyched because since they have lids I can stack them.  

And here's the best part:  they're 5 for $5!  

And that makes me happy because this has pretty much been my sentiment as I'm setting up my room:

How about you?  Any good finds?  


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