What I'm Reading: Intervention Edition

So I got an iPad mini for Christmas.

Because the weeks that followed suit were kinda...busy.  And sickly.  And time consuming.  So I'm just now getting around to really learning how it works and the fabulous apps that must be on your iPad or you will be that girl in 2010 who didn't have a smartphone.  (Speaking from experience here...maybe.)

I have just recently begun to download books and essays from Amazon. 

As intervention is something I continue to figure out how to best plan for and utilize in my classroom, I realized I needed more resources.


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I'm currently reading this book and I love it.  The format is easy to use and follow and you can flip back and forth.  If you're looking for a book that will give you not only the instructional strategy but background knowledge on why it's useful (it's easy to share with parents) and sample lessons, this book is for you.

I am now wishing they will develop one for math.  Fingers crossed!

On deck:

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I'm reading this second because a)it's longer and b) it has to do with planning so I think it will be more beneficial when I have more free time to reflect on what worked best and what needed tweaking as far as RTI planning is concerned. 

I can tell you that I appreciate that this book has links so you can print out any forms you admire in the book.  It's also home to some very handy "If...Then" menus so you can see what to do if a student needs help with a skill.  The "If...Then" menus are so handy because not only do they show a plethora of strategies, but show if those strategies need to be delivered individually, small group, or whole group.

For fun:
Because all work and no play makes me a drudge, this is on my iPad because a) I LOVE Celia Rivenbark, b) it was free and c) it's nice to open my Kindle app and not see all school related materials on my personal device. 

She Drives Me Crazy: Three Favorite Essays

Here in Kentucky it's mid-March and while we should be thawing out, a fair portion of the state is under Winter Weather Advisory.  (My district also had a snow day on the first Wednesday of March.  Nearly a week into the month.  What is that?  Which reminds me I have a post I need to write about old wives' tales that are true, but I digress.)

Which means even though the days are getting longer it's still nice to curl up with a good book by the fire. 

And I will happily take any suggestions you have-happy reading, folks!


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