Educating in the Bible Belt

I live in Kentucky, where we worship Jesus and basketball.

As a teacher, this can lead to some very interesting conversations and totally make your day. 
Cases in point:

A few weeks ago my classroom neighbor was teaching when a shadow darkened her door.  It was our principle.  All the K kids have an unspoken promise to do something unbelievable when the principle is watching.  And today was no exception.

My friend continues to do her writing lesson, which is so quiet you could hear a pin drop (or the wheels turning in their heads).  The stillness is broken by a sweet little girl jumping out of her seat, waving her arms wildly and saying loudly, "Stop!! Stop!! I have a message from God!"

Everyone, principle included, turns to look at Precious.  Now that she has the floor, she is not yielding to anyone (a la television evangelist).  With the same mixture of drama and sincerity she says, "God says those at the front of the line will be the last.  And those at the back of the line will be in the front of the line."  (When I heard this story, I knew right away she was referring to this Bible verse.  Her Sunday School teacher would be so proud.)

Every now and then something happens that presents a problem to my friend.  My friend, a seasoned veteran, was uncertain how to proceed after this exchange.  Enter her assistant, who is all awesome, who smiles at the girl and says, "Hallelujah!"  and my friend says, "Amen" and they continued the writing lesson with no further messages.

Which brings me to my class.  Last Thursday, we were visiting the restroom.  I had all my students in the hall except three girls in the restroom.  As I walk by to tell them shake a leg sweetly encourage them to get in line I walk in the restroom.  As the three who were still inside are rule followers, I wondered what on earth could deter them from following directions. 

So I step in and hear the three of them.  Talking about baptizing each other.  In the sink. 

There's lots of debate about the place of God in the schools, and these stories illustrate you can ban the adults from talking about Him all you want, but the kids will pick up the slack.

In one form or another. 


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