On "Pulling Groups"

For your entertainment, a conversation in my classroom today.


I can't make this up.

"So kids, remember today we will begin pulling kids for math groups.  You will work on your centers but when Mrs. Precious and I need you, we will pull you out to work with us.  Any questions?"

One of my smartest kids raises her hand and I'm immediately wary.  If she doesn't understand what we're doing, I'm in trouble.

"Ms. Foster, when you said you and Mrs. Precious will be pulling groups, will you be pulling us by the arm or by the back of our shirt?"

Truth is funnier than fiction.

*I feel like I should also put out a disclaimer that we don't put our hands on the kids.  We may give them a high five, but that's as touchy as we get.  Which made it even harder for Mrs. Precious and myself to keep from laughing.  You just never know how kids will interpret what you say!*


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