I don't know about your class, but mine knows just enough to be dangerous.

Case in point:

Today I had a child who wasn't with us at recess because he was with another teacher.  As I am a good (benevolent, caring, whatever sweet adjective you'd like to use) teacher,  when we got back from specials I let the child have some play time after we returned from specials.

This little boy loves all things with wheels and had been wanting to play with the new tractors I'd bought.  Again, for best practice (because I'm awesome, inspiring, genius- thank you for all these kind words.  I'm not worthy) I picked three friends to play with him.

Because when we hear the magic words (among them are "snack", "lunch", "bathroom") I have taken to spelling certain words.  Today, I looked at my assistant and said, "Don't let me forget, I owe Precious some R-E-C-E-S-S".

One priceless little girl's face lit up and she said brightly, "I know what that spells!"

I just know I'm busted-it's the 15th day of school and they've figured out one of my code words.  Shoot.

That sweet child looked at me and said, "It spells tractors!"

Is it no wonder why I worry about what they tell their parents?



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