You Know Summer's ALMOST Over When...

  • You've begun thinking about it.
  • You've had a nightmare about: uncontrollable kids.  Being late to work.  Not being prepared.  Dreadful scenarios (most of which you wouldn't cross your mind when you're awake)  play out in your slumber.
  • You ask your friends to address you as "Mr./Ms." instead of your first name. 
  • You've visited your beautifully clean and waxed classroom.  You admire the way it sparkles for 90 seconds then realize you've got to do something with all those boxes.
  • You forget your PIN required to let yourself in your school.  After three unsuccessful tries, you admit defeat and call the custodian.  (Is it any wonder I like to be on good terms with our custodians?)
  • When shopping you snatch every cute/pretty/somewhat functional basket at Walmart, Dollar Tree and Target.  Because you just know if you don't purchase it then, when you come back for it, it'll be gone.  It doesn't matter if it's a matter of days, hours, or minute-someone will see your good taste and get "your" stuff. 
  • It's too hot to do anything.  (True story: when on vacation a couple of weeks ago, it was 115.  Degrees.  Needless to say we didn't go out much.)  It's so hot you've decided you're not taking the kids outside for fear of heatstroke. 
  • When shopping you see school supplies at Walmart and feel a compulsion to purchase a few things, just in case. 
  • You get aggravated when you realize the rest of the county bought the cheap crayons.  The ones you were going to buy and give to kids who need 'em.  You go so far as to post a pic on Facebook to show the world of this unjust act.  Because everyone needs to know there are a fair amount of hoarders in town. 

And finally...
  • You ask yourself (at least once a day), "Where did the summer go?"


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