How To Make A Teacher Smile

Am I the only one finding it hard to believe today is Wednesday?

Case in point.  When I got up this morning this is what my calendar read:

So technically it's been Tuesday all day according to one source.

However, my body preferred to disagree as it is so exhausted it must be Thursday.

Then you have the big calendar at work the children and I learn from every day.  That one said today was Wednesday, but as you can see, I had two conflicting opinions.

The good thing about the district for whom I work is they understand the whole "gradual release of responsibility" model.  For instance, we started the school year with children on a Wednesday (the 15th to be precise).  Then last week we spent four days in our classrooms and Friday was a professional day.  (We got to go hear this man speak and it was incredible.  If you ever get the chance to hear him read so much as a breakfast menu, go.  It is so worth it.)  So this is the first five day week we've had with children.

And so the internal struggle of "What Day Is It?" has begun within my intellect. 

Since I was in a genial mood this afternoon, I decided to give one of these to each of my team mates:

One member had helped interpret for me, one helped me with dismissal and the third continues to work hard every day, even though she is aware this is her final year.
I got them from Knock Knock Stuff and everyone got a big kick out of 'em. 
However, because I am who I am, I also have another note pad with me to share:
I'll let you know how those notes turn out. ;)


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