Foodie Friday: Wheels on the Bus

So I dropped the ball with my post last week about what the edible treat we made last week.  It just didn't get done.
(In my defense, I had two days of district meetings, Back to School night, three days of teaching-in a new grade nonetheless-and laryngitis from an allergy to something in my school building.  Cut a girl some slack, please!)

I've made it a goal this year to try and let them make something to eat every Friday.  Because 1) it's a great real life example of non-fiction reading, how to follow directions, etc. 2) by Friday we're spent and need something to anticipate and 3) it's fun. 

Our K team at my school adopted a "Wheels on the Bus" theme to kick off the year. 

Complete with adorable school bus displays to welcome our kids:

Big shout out to DJ who made the bus for me.  And got the cardstock buses.  She's retiring this year.  Can you see why I'm going to miss her-greatly?!
So in the interest of keeping with the theme here's how you make mini-school buses (be prepared, this may be one of the most complicated recipes you'll try to follow):
  1. Procure the assistance (i.e. donation) of parents when they ask if you need them to send anything.  Ask for Twinkies-one for each child in the class.  (On a side note, when did they start serving Twinkies solo?  I don't consider myself super old, but I distinctly remember Twinkies being two to a wrapper as a child.  Thanks a lot, Hostess, for ruining a great way to practice skip counting by 2s.)
  2. When you're walking out the door and you remember it's Friday and you still haven't got the rest of the food items, proceed to your nearest Kroger/Walmart/convenience store.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200-just get to the store.  While there, purchase Rolos (I got the minis that are always by the mini-Reese Cups, which, if we're being perfectly honest, are just small bites of heaven on earth) and some red hard candy.  Because I couldn't find the Red Hots candy, I went with Hot Tamales
  3. While at school, give every child a Twinkie.  (Be prepared for half to turn away in disgust, because even they in their tender primary years know it's wrong to serve Twinkies one per wrapper.  I'm certain it was that and not because they'd never tried a Twinkie before.) 
  4. Give them 2 or 4 Rolos for "wheels" and allow them to press delicately on the Twinkie.  (Be prepared to help.)
  5. Give the the red candy for the stop sign-the Hot Tamales were goo because they could make it extend as though the stop sign were actually sticking out.
  6. Enjoy with a small glass of water, milk, or beverage of your choice.
This space left intentionally blank because I don't have a pic of the finished product. YET


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