Dollar Deals

Of the multitude of sins I commit every week, probably the most consequental is living 40 miles away from the nearest Target.

I work in a county with not one, but two, Target stores.  And (sadly) I never seem to be able to make it to them. 

So when I see the fabulous posts singing the praises of my favorite bull's eye, there is a fair amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth because I can't remember to ever stop there.  (True story: a student of mine gave me a gift card to Target in 2010.  Now, in the summer of '12, more than half the balance remains.)

So for those of you who may live closer to a Walmart than a Target, this post is for you.

Looky what I found for less than $1:

Glue sticks for ten cents apiece?  Why, yes, I'll buy an entire class set!

Welcome postcards?  For 88 cents?  You better believe I'm getting these instead of the $5 ones at the parent-teacher store.

More 88 cent finds: bookmarks and stickers.  You show me a teacher who says they have enough stickers and I'll show you a teacher two days from retirement.

Dual sided whiteboards with lines on 'em?  For 88 cents?  I do believe I'll purchase a small group set.  (Though to be fair, they're not nearly as sturdy as the ones you order.)

Cute clipboards for ninety seven cents?  I need two more for a class set.  (Again, in the interest of fair packaging, these aren't nearly as sturdy as the more costly ones.)

And what's a shopping trip without the occasional impulse buy?  3 cute folders (for eight eight cents) end this shopping trip.

And, truth be told, I found some more fun and useful items at my local Dollar Tree.  I found first day of school books among other items.  (When I can remember where I put them, they will happily be on display.)

Happy school shopping, bloggie friends!


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