Back to School Freebie

Hi Friends,
Here's something I made for my parents at Back to School night.  It's called "The ABCs of Kindergarten".  I thought you might be interested~and left it in Word form so you can add and delete.  Unfortunately, once I did that my cute font was gone.  If you would like to see its cuter, more elementary form, download the Cool Dots and Toy Train fonts and re-open it.  Please let me know if you think I need to change anything! Happy Friday-we've made it to the weekend!


  1. Hi....I need to move to Kentucky...where shoes are optional. LOL. I love being barefoot and find that my shoes tend to disappear from my feet throughout the day (I know...not a very good example, but oh so comfortable and some days comfort is a necessity to make it to 2:00pm) LOL I am now following your blog and would love for you to visit mine.
    Adventures In Teaching

  2. Amy, it would be an honor to follow you! :) I think we're distantly related-my class will tell you if it's warm weather I tend to leave my shoes under the desk...


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