Transportation Change Freebie

I don't know about you, but transporation stresses me out-majorly just a smidgen.

If I receive a transportation note, I either a) email or b) call the parent to let them know I received it.  (I've sent many an email with "Transporation Change Confirmation" in the regarding line.)

I also clip a reminder to myself on the classroom door with a magnet and randomly ask the child throughout the day, "Precious-how are you getting home today?"  (I'm praying with the combo of the note and me asking them about it until they're borderline neurotic answering it automatically will ensure they get to the right line.

I saw a different version of this on my favorite time waster and realized I needed to tweak it.  At my school if a child is a bus rider we have to list their bus stop on notes.  So I fooled around until I had one I could that would work for me.  Click here for the document. 

I plan on printing two copies per kid (hopefully I can find some bright/neon paper somewhere in my school) and including them in my welcome packet at Back to School Night. 

The only thing you need to do is insert your name. 



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