Summer "School"

As an educator, I strive to continue to be a life long learner.

I have half of my master's degree completed and am spending the majority of my summer reading reading professional books, participating in a book study online and going to three days of professional development. (I mean, who does that? Of their own volition? It all adds up to NERD-but, hey, I'm owning it.)

I thought the most beneficial lesson I'd learned was how to successfully teach guided reading. Until today.

Today I learned that if you're meeting your friend Jennifer for lunch there are a couple of do's and don't s. For example:

  • Do take the time to make sure you put some kind of cosmetics on your face. Because it will be the day that you get interviewed for KET (Kentucky Educational Television).
  • Don't leave the house with wet hair. Because it will be the day that you get interviewed for KET. And God and the Commonwealth will get to see you looking like that.
  • Do make sure you have on clothes that are not wrinkled. Not only will you be interviewed, you will meet your next door neighbor. This proves that you do have clothes other than your pajamas.
  • Do be prepared to face anything, including questions about how you utilize KET in both your personal viewing and professional viewing.
  • Don't be insulted when the KET people ask you adapt your answer. Because your answer was too long. (This same thing happened to me at the Houston Final Four last year-what are the odds?)
  • Don't sing "The More You Know" jingle. (Okay, so I really didn't do that, but had to fight myself to keep quiet.)
  • Do enjoy every second of adult conversation, even if it's punctuated by diesel trucks, motor scooters and a weird California Raisin guy with Darius Miller's jersey. (Seriously there was a man walking around in the Raisin get up, striped pants, and Big D's jersey. I can't make up this foolishness.)
I know "they" say education is a mix of experiences in the classroom and outside of it. And sometimes, like today, the outside experiences prove to be way more beneficial. Life skills were definitely learned today.


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