Re-using Plastic Divider Tabs

So can you spot the difference between my Math Assessment Binder tabs and my Essentials Binder tabs? (Hint: it's not the numbers or whether the letters are bold or fine print.)

It's not readily apparent, so let me just tell you: it's $4.32.

As I prepare for my kiddos in the fall, I went on ahead and made four binders: an ELA Assessment binder, a Math Assessment binder, a Small Groups binder, and an Essentials binder.

I wanted them to look cute as well as be functional, so I sprung for the prettiest tabs I could find at Walmart.  And labeled them accordingly.

For my assessment binders, I took a beloved Sharpie and labeled them without thinking of anything.

But then I remembered how cheap money efficient I am.  And when you multiply that number by four...ouch.  I mean, hello, $4 alone is cup of coffee at Starbucks, one of McDonald's chocolate chip frappuncino wannabes-with change left over-or 2 pints of strawberries.    (But now I'm off task, so let's get back to the topic.)

After realizing how much money I'd spent on tabs, I knew I had to think of a way to make them re-usable. 

Enter our friend Mr. Scotch-the tape, not the drink.

I realized by putting tape over the labels and then writing on them, I am free to re-use the tabs as often as I need. 

I am now kicking myself for not thinking up this earlier.

Feel free to make the most of your tabs as well!


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